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    10 Types Of People You'll Find On Your Daily Commute

    While some of them will make you laugh, others are bound to make you question the true meaning of life. So, from seat hoggers to eaters of smelly foods, here are 10 people you will most likely encounter on your daily ride on public transportation.

    1. The Hogger

    2. The Loud Talker

    No matter how full a bus or a train may be, you can bet that there will be at least one overly loud talker. Either on their phone or with some other commuter they have taken hostage, they will speak loudly and they won't care about the deeply personal or offensive topics they choose to share with the rest of the unwilling passengers.

    3. The One With The Typing Sounds Enabled On Their Phone

    4. The X Factor Contestant

    5. The DJ

    6. The Seat Kicker

    7. The Sloppy Eater

    8. The One With No 'Personal Space' Awareness

    They will get so close to you that they will practically be able to type your text messages for you. This type of person has obviously never been uncomfortable with pushing their body onto a stranger while on public transport. You'll give them a few 'get out of my space!' looks and they will eventually get the idea and move on. But, you'll be left feeling violated for the rest of your day.

    9. The One Who Never Gives Up The Seat

    You can be on the verge of fainting or giving birth next to them, but they will under no circumstances relinquish their seat in your favor. Deep down, they know they are in the wrong and everyone hates them. But, they are willing to accept that in exchange for a comfy seat during their commute.

    10. The Rushed Commuter