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    (Most) Victorious Songs Ranked!

    Can you take a hint?

    So, here's what this is: a ranking of most of the Nikelodeon's Victorious songs from worst to best. Some of them are solos, others duets, and some a full band. Feel free to comment on your fav Victorious song!

    #11: Here's 2 Us

    #10: 365 Days

    Again, love the song, others are better :/

    #9: Freak the Freak Out

    #8: Make it in America

    Love her outfit, don't love her song

    #7: Give It Up

    #6: Begging on Your Knees

    #5: L.A. Boyz

    #4: All I Want is Everything

    Trina's face lmaoooo

    #3: Take a Hint

    #2: Shut up and Dance

    #1: You Don't Know Me

    Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments down below! Check out my other Victorious posts :)