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The Reason Why I Freaked Out And Started Sharing This!

While ago, I stumble upon with an article where women flashes her bare bum as a travel picture. I thought it was a joke but after doing bit of research i came to acknowledge that it has been seen as a new viral travel trend. "Showing your butt in beautiful landscapes is the new trend". Really are you kidding me? The reason why i freaked out is: Nepal has one of the most beautiful landscapes and mountains.It always give me great pleasure to share with that Nepal has the highest mountain of the world " Mount Everest". I got really scared to imagining a bare butt picture of tourist in front of our fascinating mountains. This will be so disrespect to the country and trust me whoever will do it the locals and government will never give them visa back to country. Nepal is also very spiritual country and bare butt with our temples and stupas will be dishonor to the wide religious practice. I have been working as travel adviser and author since half decades and i felt if i don't try to promote my country in spiritual way then someday some one will flash something inappropriate. Here are some of the meditation pictures i have been sharing to promote Nepal spirituality and landscapes.

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