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Here’s How To Shop Small For Everyone On Your List This Holiday Season

Shopping small is the gift that keeps giving, which is why Intuit QuickBooks has curated a guide to make it easy for customers to find unique holiday gifts from small businesses.

Holiday shopping is here again and 93% of consumers said supporting small businesses is more important than ever because of the pandemic.* QuickBooks is making it easy with a new Holiday Shopping Guide that has gifts for everyone on your list.

1. The Kid With Style

Woman standing in front of children's bows.
Bows Arts

Little kids and parents alike have always loved an adorable hair accessory to complete a look. From your classic bow to sparkly barrettes to stunning headbands, Bows Arts has perfected how to make these staple accessories with love and care. For more gifts for kiddos, visit these shops.

2. The Ultimate Tailgater

Two women outside at a tailgate party.

People who organize the tailgate are always bringing us together and you love them for it. No tailgate is complete without music and your tailgate-loving friend will appreciate the simplicity of Trash Amps. This bluetooth speaker fits conveniently in in any wide-mouthed mason jar so the party can get started anywhere, anytime. For more tailgate-ready gifts, discover more here

3. The Work-From-Home Warrior

Woman happily sitting at a desk.
Effie's Paper

You probably know someone who has really taken to working from home. Effie's Paper has colorful, vibrant stationery to brighten up any workday. They also have adorable travel accessories, comfortable clothing, and tons of other goodies. For even more gifts for the remote worker, visit these shops

4. The Breakfast Lover

A package of maple syrup products.
Barred Woods

The smell of pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon is this person's idea of heaven. A pure maple syrup can transform any breakfast, which is why your mouth will water just reading about Barred Woods syrup. The syrup comes fresh from the trees in Vermont and what's even sweeter than Barred Woods syrup is that the small business also preserves 1,400 acres of Vermont forest. Discover more foodie gifts here!

5. The Person Who Always Has Compliment-Worthy Accessories

Hoop earrings with colorful gemstones.
Hoop Mobb

There's always that one friend you go to for fashion advice. A great accessory can complete an entire look. If you want some accessories that are sure to turn heads, check out Hoop Mobb. This Black-owned jewelry brand features unique styles. For more fashion-forward gifts, take a look at these small shops!

6. The Full-Fledged Foodie

Woman crouching next to a box of organic pears.
Girl Meets Dirt

For that person who is always cooking something new in the kitchen, Girl Meets Dirt creates unique preserves that are sure to add a special touch to any dish. The flavorful fruits used are grown on picturesque Orcas Island orchards and the ingredient list is short, making the pure, organic, locally sourced fruit the star of the show. For more food inspired gifts, visit these shops

QuickBooks understands how important shopping small is. Visit their Holiday Shopping Guide for gift ideas from small businesses.

*Statistic was derived from the QuickBooks Commerce Small Business Shopping Report.