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16 Animals Who Know How To Internet

They live in your house. They're bound to pick up a few tips. These critters are getting ready for Internet Week (May 20th - 27th), are you?

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1. Riley eagerly awaits his Snapchat notification.

2. Puffins finds that slicing fruit calms her insatiable rage.

3. Trying his hardest to stick to his diet, Stan tries to find a mental compromise.

4. Anthony's computer doubles as a bodily heating device.

5. Pickle has had enough with this thing.

6. Buddy will allow himself to take a minesweeper break every once in a while, as a reward for his productivity.

7. Disgusted by the crude likeness he is shown, Mr. Biggles makes a mental note to defecate in his human's sheets later.

8. Careful to lock the door and to use incognito mode, Boots goes to town.

9. Bojangles is really into crime dramas these days.

10. Saucy McRiblets read an article saying that this app does wonders for paw-eye coordination.

11. This tablet was Schnotsky's favorite bar mitzvah present.

12. Buster just discovered a new bacon-themed tumblr, so he'll be here for a while.

13. Peaches resents the fact that her human monitors her internet activity.

14. Hamilton wishes this person would leave him alone so he can browse Pinterest in peace.


15. Milly is certain that it's her turn, and has no qualms with making it known.

16. Welp, just gonna check some celebrity gossip pages - OH MY GOD