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'90s Internet Problems '00s Kids Will Never Have


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1. Having to put aside three hours to download an image... / Via

…only to have your mum pick up the phone halfway through and kill the internet line, thus your download.

2. Having to dial in and wait for the modem sound before you knew if you'd get online.

3. Your internet connection cutting out if anyone rang the house phone.


4. Saving all your internet research for your homework on a floppy disk and then breaking it in your bag.

5. This being one of the more exciting things on the internet.

Kinetix/Autodesk / Via

6. There was only one device capable of connecting to the internet in the entire house.

7. Saying hi to someone on MSN messenger and them suddenly going offline or busy...


...then asking another friend to check if they were online to see if they'd blocked you…

...then signing in and out to try and catch their eye. And having them STILL not message you back.

8. Running out of space on your email account, so having to choose which emails to delete.

9. Being demoted from your mate's MySpace top friends.

10. Receiving emails that start Fwd. Fwd. fwd. fwd. Fwd. Fwd. fwd. fwd…

And they threatened certain death if you didn't forward them on by 11pm.

And they threatened certain death if you didn't forward them on by 11pm.

11. Spending £3 for 10 minutes internet use in one of these:

Peter Harris/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: sarchi

12. Not being able to get picked up from swimming, as your sister was on the internet for nine hours, and you couldn't get through to your mum.

13. The most terrifying thing on the internet was pop ups…


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