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The Most Awesome Modern Day Web Experiences

These days your computer can show you so much more than you ever could imagine. All you need is a browser equipped to handle these amazing websites, and you're all set. The new Internet Explorer will surprise you. Start enjoying a more beautiful web with rich graphics and one-click access to sites you love: an experience you won’t find in any other browser.

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1. The Hunger Games


Long before The Hunger Games hit theaters, mysteriously appeared online--exciting and intriguing diehard fans of the book. It's not only a beautiful site that lets you explore the world of Panem, but interactive as it connects to your Facebook and tells you what Districts your friends are in.

2. ColorFlip


A piece by Rafaël Rozendaal, ColorFlip is one of many web experiences that the artist has on his own amazing site. This one is the ultimate serene experience, as you flip the 'pages' to reveal beautiful color after beautiful color.

11. Canvas Cycle


A throwback and also a throw...forward, Canvas Cycle combines '90s color cycling often used in 8-bit games with HTML5 and creates 36 scenes (from Jungle Waterfall to Mountain Stream) that are the ultimate in serenity. Let them wash over you...

12. Rough Guides


The Rough Guides books are legendary for informing people about the best places to see around the world and the Canvas tag in HTML5 is used to great effect to draw the 2D world map created from photos sourced from Flickr and Rough Guides' own archive.