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The Internet's Greatest Comeback Stories

Everyone loves a comeback story. Everyone, but especially: The Internet. Ready for a comeback? We are. Some people are trying the new Internet Explorer and actually liking it. Curious? It’s a new browser. It's the Browser You Loved To Hate.

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1. Molly The Shar Pei Gets An Extreme Facelift Makeover

Molly the Shar Pei needed a facelift because she had a disease which left her unable to see, her skin folding over her eyes. So that meant: makeover time! Click to see her amazing transformation.

2. Little Girl Gets Backup During Failed National Anthem

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After an 8-year-old girl's mic failed while she belted the national anthem at the start of a Norfolk Admirals game, she got some unexpected and heart-warming help from the crowd. Land of the free! And of the supportive.

3. The Career of Wil Wheaton

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From envied child star to revered blogger, Wil Wheaton has made geeks happy from when they used to watch him on Star Trek: The Next Generation to now: where they can read his awesome blog online.

4. Internet Explorer

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Did you ever tell your parents they had to stop using Internet Explorer? Or maybe a friend? Well no longer, the new Internet Explorer is actually good. See what real people are saying.

5. Awkward Date Saved By World Of Warcraft

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From the absurdly titled BBC show "World Series of Dating", an awkward moment is rescued by the discovery of a common interest in being great big nerds. What a save! *swoon*

6. Scumbag Steve Is Not Really A Scumbag

Susie Cagle / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: secagle

After a picture of Blake Boston started circulating the web calling the 16-year old "Scumbag Steve" and pairing his face with typical "scumbag" behaviors, the man himself took to the web attempting to clear his name. Soon, his great sense of humor and understanding of web culture showed the internet and Scumbag Steve wasn't such a scumbag after all.

7. Afro Ninja Gets Tosh.0's Web Redemption

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Mark Allen Hicks, a stunt man auditioning for a Nike commercial with Allen Iverson and Jim Kelly gets called out (FOREVER) by the Internet when his failed attempt at a stunt is posted on YouTube. Luckily, comedian Daniel Tosh and his Comedy Central namesake show, Tosh.0, have a thing for Web Redemptions.

8. Betty White

NBC / Getty Images

When fans started a Facebook page, “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!”, they had no idea that the fan count would hit over a quarter of a million fans and prompt NBC to offer the 80-year old the hosting gig.