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11 Of The Geekiest Tributes To Retro Games

Let's hear it for retro games! They will always have a special place in our heart. And if you want to play some old school games in a new school way, visit It's gaming reimagined with Internet Explorer.

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1. They Are Coming!, by Goro Fujita


This digital painting by artist Goro Fujita perfectly captures the stark terror of a Space Invaders attack. Our best defense: a 2-liter bottle of Shasta and an all-Rush mixtape. Game on, aliens.

2. Irem vs. Taito, by Paul Robertson


Pixel art pioneer (and obscure game aficionado) Paul Robertson knocked this piece of retro fan-art out of the park. Go on, see if you can name every offbeat Japanese mascot pictured above. We'll wait.

4. Classic Video and Arcade Games, by Elomin Sha


You thought Marvel vs. Capcom was chockfull of crossover goodness? Child's play. The working title for this pixel art masterpiece was "Every Saturday Morning Ever Circa 1982."

5. Foldskool Heroes, by Marhall Alexander


These bipedal papercraft consoles ooze personality. When was the last time you wanted to hug your Xbox 360? They just don't make 'em like they used to.

6. 3D Pac-Man Street Art, by Leon Herr

Via Flickr: dufois

Street painter Leon Herr must've had two goals with this piece of Pac-Man street art: blow our minds (achieved), and confuse the ever-loving crap out of inattentive tourists.

8. Old School Vs. New School, by Freddie Wong

View this video on YouTube


What happens when old school games go face to face with new school characters? Freddie Wong makes an epic video short of the battle that would ensue.

11. Tribute, by Retronator


Caution: If you stare long enough at this jam-packed pixel art masterpiece, you may never tear your gaze away from your computer screen. You've been warned.

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