10 Ways To Procrastinate During A Boring Work Day

Because sometimes you need a break during a crazy work week! You deserve it. And if you want to play some old school games in a new school way, visit Arcade.Atari.com. It’s gaming reimagined with Internet Explorer.

1. Take A Walk.

Andy Ryan / Getty Images

Get some fresh air! You deserve it.

2. Post Its.

Ryan McVay / Getty Images

Totally epic.

3. There’s always Solitaire.

Rod Morata / Getty Images

Never gets old.

4. Play reimagined Atari games online on Arcade.Atari.com.

It’s old school gaming with new school fun! All reimagined by Internet Explorer.

5. Start a ping pong tournament.

Blend Images - Jade / Getty Images

Just clear off some desks and voila! Instant ping pong table.

6. Decorate/Clean Your Desk.

Naphat_Jorjee / iStockphoto / Getty Images

A clean space goes a long way. It’s also nice to have some stuff on your desk that you actually like looking at.

7. Browse for stuff that you don’t really need (but want desperately!)

Hero Images / Getty Images


8. Doodle.

Gregory Kramer / Getty Images

Get those creative juices flowing!

9. Throw some trash in a waste basket.

leungchopan / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Clean up and score some points.

10. And there’s always the scanner/copier.

Shannon Fagan / Getty Images

Infinite fun.

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