14 Things That You Definitely Shouldn’t Touch

Take it from us: there are some things that you just shouldn’t touch. And then there’s the Internet. Touch the web in a whole new way with the new Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

1. This tricky toaster that obviously hasn't been properly cat-proofed.

2. This volleyball that was THERE FOR A REASON, YA DUMB PUG.

3. This sofa cushion because it's not FOR YOU, human.

4. This very grumpy kitty cat who's had plenty of pets today, thankyouverymuch.

5. This glass windowpane that's keeping you from that delicious milkshake for own good, we promise.

6. This owl that didn't see you wash your hands before you walked out of that mall bathroom.

7. This cat box. Because it's not a people box. Don't be rude.

8. This high-end recliner that's making a pretty solid argument for just going to Ikea already.

9. This average beanbag that actually contains the secrets of nuclear energy.

10. The floor. Because it's lava. Obviously.

11. This monkey's bananas, because he is NOT having that right now.

12. The ground. But only if you were planning on hitting it with a freakin' SLEDGEHAMMER.

13. This pooch who really doesn't feel like snuggling right now and in fact has much better things to do.

14. And this hazelnut, Gizmo.


Dang it, Gizmo.

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