10 Things From The ’90s That Should Make A Comeback

It was a simpler time. A better time. And it had really rad Saturday morning cartoons. We get it: you grew up. Well, so did we. Reconnect with the new Internet Explorer. It might just surprise you.

1. Slap bracelets.

When did our jewelry stop doubling as awesome toys? Alternately, when did we stop shopping for bangles and bracelets in the Chuck-E-Cheese crane machine?

2. The hair.

Real talk: that shaved-sides hipster quiff is so 2012. The flat top, the fringe, the shabob, the pixie, the bowl cut, the Rachel… let’s revive the whole hair-sprayed-to-high-hell thing.

3. Light-up sneakers.

Shoes with lights in ‘em, shoes with rollerskates in ‘em…footwear in the 90s made us feel like the Batman of Sneakers. We’ll take LA Gears over a crate of Crocs any day of the week.

4. Hammer pants.

Now that we’re all so obsessed with super-skinny slacks, leggings, and — ugh — jeggings, the age of stiff shoulders and baggy-as-all-get-out drawers seems like a fond memory. Oh, how we long for the days when pants weren’t pants unless they dragged along the sidewalk.

5. The snacks.

Gushers, Butterfingers BBs, Crispy M&Ms, French Toast Crunch, Cheetos Paws, Doritos 3Ds…face the facts: being unhealthy was so much more fun in the ’90s.

6. Moon Shoes.

Admit it — every time you watched some lucky tween walk away from Legends of the Hidden Temple with a pair of brand-spankin’ new Moon Shoes, your heart fluttered with envy.

7. Big movies with bigger theme songs.

What happened to big summer blockbusters with just-as-big summer anthems? If remembering the chart-topping tunes from Space Jam, Men in Black, and Wild Wild West is any indication, then A) this trend really needs to make a modern-day comeback, and B) Will Smith really needs to start rapping about every movie he’s in again.

8. Carmen Sandiego.

It’s a special kind of super-thief that can swipe the Statue of Liberty and teach you about the founding fathers in one fell swoop. Also, Rockapella’s pretty darn overdue for a resurgence.

9. Mixtapes.

Sure, it’s great having every song ever recorded ever accessible from the magical device in our back pocket, but there’s a special something that comes from hand-written cassette tapes that got lost along the way. Besides, it’s near impossible to slip an MP3 into your crush’s locker.

10. And, of course, Pogs.

What true-blue ’90s Kid doesn’t have dusty binders upon binders of these cardboard collectibles stowed away somewhere? Here’s your mission statement for 2013, Internet: make Pogs cool again.

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