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11 Sleepy Pups That Could Use A Little ​Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

The only thing cuter than a puppy is a sleepy puppy!

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1. This beagle who's living with his regrets the best he can:

2. This bulldog who might've just figured out the most brilliant/evil plan of all time:

3. This fuzzy, walking food coma:

4. This lil' guy who thinks he's the first one to ever dream this up (but, like, is probably unemployed, TBH):

5. This pup who's been spending a little too much time looking up symptoms online:

6. This samoyed whose mind runs wild when he should be sleeping:

7. This shih tzu who just can't deal with summer temps anymore — and the humidity! God, the humidity makes it so much worse!

8. This French bulldog who's caught in a twisted web:

9. This fluffy fur ball who was too tired to move:

10. This puppy who's asking all the right questions:

11. And this chihuahua who understands us all on a deeper level:

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All images via Thinkstock.