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13 Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Coffee

Some relationships can be really complicated. Luckily, International Delight Iced Coffee makes your midday coffee treat as hassle-free as can be. True love, one sip at a time.

1. It's the first thing on your mind in the morning.

2. So much so, you can't start your morning without it!

3. No, but actually, you get a headache when you don't spend time with it every day.

4. Seriously, you go to sleep just so you can wake up and be with it again.

5. You accept it any way, shape, or form it comes in.

6. Like really, though. You find beauty in all different "types" — Arabica, Robusta, Sumatra.

7. Of course, you need to be with it everywhere you go...

8. ...even when you try to distract yourself by spending time with other petty things like frozen yogurt, candy, or chocolate, you still find yourself only requesting coffee's presence.

9. You've stuffed all of your pillows with raw coffee beans to be reminded of it when it's not around.

10. You've recently titled your diary Tea's Just Not That Into You.

11. Speaking of tea, when people say they get their caffeine intake from tea, you know they're just TEAsin'.

12. You've replaced all of the tables in your apartment with coffee tables to show some RESPECT.

13. You will go to great lengths to have it be yours forever and always.

With International Delight Iced Coffee, you can love it just as much in your home as you do anywhere else!