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My Top 5 List Of Extreme Athletes

Here's 5 extreme athletes that I believe are amongst the best in the world. I'm sure I have forgotten some I consider to be great!

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When it comes to extreme sports, the list is endless! Base jumping, Freestyle MX, Moto Trials, Rally Driving, you name it... While all so different from one another, the thing they have in common is the people. Not only does an extreme athlete have to be on the borderline of insanity, they also need to develop an exceptional skill level in their chosen sport of risk-taking. Here's my personal list of Top 5 Extreme Athletes that I have enjoyed watching over the years:

1. Robbie Madison

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Robbie Madison has become the modern day Evel Knievel, chasing a number of world records, often coinciding with his Red Bull New Years events, as seen in the video above.

2. Travis Pastrana

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Travis Pastrana has become an extreme sports legend, conquering numerous sports including Freestyle MX, Supercross, Motocross, Rally Driving and more recently NASCAR. The video above shows Travis jumping from a plane with no parachute! Doesn't get much more extreme than that..

3. Julien Dupont

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Julien Dupont might not be that well known, and he might also not be the "most extreme" guy out there. But he oozes extreme sports and what the lifestyle is all about. Taking the Moto Trials discipline to a whole new level, with his global movement for Freestyle Trials. You can see in the video above, he's backflipping motorbikes that weren't built for backflipping in places you should never be able to ride a motorbike.. Incredible!

4. Colin McRae

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Without a doubt one of the biggest names to grace the sport of Rally Driving, Colin McRae was one extreme driver! Weaving through trees and along mountain sides at over 100mph takes guts for anyone, and even more so to be one of the best in the world. The above display of skill and guts is just astounding!

5. Alain Robert

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Alain Robert (known as the French Spiderman) might not have done as much for extreme sports as the 4 people above him, but he is without a doubt one of the most extreme people to have walked the Earth! Watch the footage above for some of the crazy places he climbs, with no assistance from ropes or something to catch him. That is EXTREME!

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