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7 Tips To Educate Your Wife For A Happier Life

7 hilarious ways for you to educate your wife to ensure you have a happier life and reduce the chances of wife malfunction!

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1. Have Dinner Ready and Show You Care / Via

What better way to start the list than with the easiest way to a man's heart - dinner! I don't know about everybody else, but this is an expectation I'd like to have from my wife.. although the reality is probably quite different!

2. Don't Burden Your Husband With Minor Complaints / Via

After a hard days work, I think it's only suitable that a husband is not burdened with his wife's minor complaints! I mean, do you really need to know about the conversation she had with her mother that day or the crash she had in her car? All minor inconveniences!

3. Use Sticky Tape Instead of a Vacuum / Via

Nothing worse than the sound of a vacuum cleaner while trying to relax and watch some sports on TV! Cleaning the carpets with sticky tape sounds like one of the best ideas I've ever heard! The thinner the sticky tape the better to ensure the least amount of noise possible.

4. Put On a Little Makeup Before Your Husband Gets Home / Via

Without a doubt, this goes without saying. I mean, it's not his fault if he has an affair with his secretary if she always looks prettier than what he comes home to. Maybe take this a step further and ensure you're dressed nicely as well!

5. Speak In Soothing Tones / Via

A man's day can be stressful! Work, traffic, family, finances, the list goes on. All of which can contribute to a stressful day. This kind of falls in-line with point 2. Speak in soothing tones and make no complaints, this will ensure your husband is always happy!

6. Hand Wash the Dishes and Dry Them in the Sunlight / Via

If you were my wife, I'd like to think that you also believed I deserved the best. Imagine coming home to a cooked meal on a nice warm, sun-dried plate with shiny, hand-washed cutlery (also sun-dried). Fit for a king, exactly how your husband should feel if you want to keep him happy.

7. Zoloft is Your Friend / Via

Your husband shouldn't have to put up with depression and bad moods. I mean, I'm sure it's not that bad, right? Enjoy happiness in the form of Zoloft and you, your husband and your marriage will be ensured long-term happiness and love!

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