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3 Of The Best Naturally 7 Songs

I've just recently seen Naturally 7 live and they rocked! So here's my list of Top 3 Naturally 7 Songs. Amazing use of vocal talent, with NO INSTRUMENTS!

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1. In The Air Tonight

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The song that sent them to stardom, with their "Paris Subway" version of it. So it HAS to be their number 1 hit. Just amazing... Although a recorded version of this and any of their songs can't compare to seeing them live! Remember.. no instruments! While they pretend to play the drums and other instruments, it's all done vocally.

2. Say You Love Me

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Without a doubt one of my favourites and one of the group's originals. Powerful voice to match the strong message, they portray the emotion of the song well. It rocks my world! Makes me wish I could sing like they can...

3. Broken Wings

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An amazing version of this classic song. How you can make a guitar sound like that with your mouth baffles me. The skills are outstanding.. A good way to round off the top 3 list!

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