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In Defense Of "The Crazy Girl"

Sometimes women are crazy, but more times than not, they're simply exhibiting a natural, healthy reaction to being treated like shit. So before you label a woman as The Crazy Girl, first please, honestly ask yourself these questions:

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"She's clingy"

Are you generally aloof and indifferent?

"She's constantly checking in on me"

Are you reasonably forthcoming about what you're doing, or does she always have to ask first?

"She's emotionally unstable"

Are you kind of an asshole at times?

"She's intense"

Is she just trying to keep her (and your) shit together? Are you helping?

"She's always accusing me of cheating"

...are you?

"She gets too worked up"

Do you listen to her concerns, or just keep telling her to stop feeling what she's feeling?

"She's moody"

Is she a human being?

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