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This Dog With Credit Card Debt Is Basically All Of Us

If it happened to Max, it can happen to us. Use Interac® Debit instead of credit on your purchases and stay in the black.

This is Max. He's the focus of a new dogumentary called Pets With Credit, and he's one of us.

Max is us when he enters his favourite store.

Max is us when he looks at all the things he could buy.

Max is us when he feels pangs of guilt as he hands over his credit card.

Max is us when the possessions start to pile up.

Max is us when he gets carried away online and spends more than he can realistically afford.

Max is us when he falls behind on payments, and the credit card company debt collectors start calling, and he wants to hide and cry.

Max is us when he goes therapy-shopping to make himself feel better about his mistakes.

Max is us when he regrets everything.

All imagery courtesy of Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation.

Does Max claw his way out? Watch the full story here:

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Anyone can fall into credit card debt. Save yourself, and use Interac® Debit instead of credit.