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13 Pets That Are, Surprisingly, In Debt

It can happen to the best of us. It can even happen to the pets of us.

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1. Ben just received his new credit card in the mail. / Via

He's excited but also kind of worried because he already has like three credit cards.

2. Catherine is always on edge and can’t seem to enjoy anything in life these days — even flowers. / Via

Not with her credit card debt always at the back of her mind.

3. Charlie maxed out his cards at the department store, and now the interest payments are ruining his life.

NBC / Via

He can't even enjoy his new clothes.

4. How is Eric supposed to concentrate on his guitar lessons?

All he can think about is those missed calls he got from a blocked number. It's definitely the debt collector calling.

5. Mika doesn't even look at her mail anymore. / Via

She knows it's just going to be bad news. Or more credit card offers.

6. Magda has been acting strange lately, and her friends are getting worried. / Via

Little do they know, Magda is struggling to meet her repayments.

7. Jeff feels a little panicked. / Via

Daaaaamn, spaniel! Back at it again with the credit card debt.

8. Penelope is just tired. / Via

The constant stress of credit card debt is a lot to handle, especially with a family!

9. Sam's got creditors chasing him down like: / Via

Can he just live?

10. Moe knows there is nowhere to hide anymore. / Via

His past mistakes are catching up with him.

11. Hannah feels ashamed and can't look her family in the eyes when she visits them. / Via

She's too embarrassed to ask them for help.

12. Sarah has been eating her feelings.

But spending all this money on expensive cheeses isn't helping her situation.

13. And then there's Rupert. He looks like he's got it together, but between you and me: He doesn't. / Via

Every spare bit of income he has goes toward interest payments. This is no way to live.

Max. Don't even get us started on Max.

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