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11 Animals That Are So You When You Get Your Paycheck

It's the most wonderful time of the month.

1. This little groundhog, who rejoices when he sees that money hit his account.

2. This bulldog, who likes to buy his friends a round when he gets ~paid~.

3. This shiba, who treats himself to a happy spa day when he gets his coin.

4. This goat, who can't stop his feet when his deposit posts.

5. This cat, who is AMPED for the $$$.

6. This whale, who can't help but breach for joy at the end of every month.

7. This boxer, who can't hide his excitement for bank.

8. These raccoons, who feast for real when they get that paycheck.

9. This poodle, who gets down when she gets paiiiid.

10. This hamster, who knows that every paycheck is a cause for celebration.

11. This duckling, who shares the wealth with his friends when the money goes through.

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