14 Misconceptions Aliens Would Have About Earth

If aliens landed on our planet tomorrow, would they understand what a handshake is? Or would they think we were giving them our hand to keep? Hopefully everybody gets to keep their body parts in The Power Inside, the new Social Film by Intel & Toshiba.

1. Humans minds can be controlled by a simple man and his laptop.

2. Why do humans insist on covering everything they eat with blood?

Is it a territory thing? Because then we get it.

3. Humans have these tiny balls of fur they pick up after, feed, let live in their houses, and allow to do whatever they want.

Clearly, these balls of fur are the superior species.

4. Earthlings take sick pleasure in controlling miniature, virtual versions of themselves when they are not busy trying to control real humans in real life.

5. These silly beings carry protective coverings used to shield them from falling water when they are mostly water anyways.

yulinglei / Via instagram.com

6. Human, you are leaking from your face…

Viacom / Jersey Shore / Via giphy.com

7. Every so often, humans will attempt to remove the threads that sprout from their heads.

They have yet to realize that it grows back every time.

8. One human will willingly choose to commit itself to another human forever in front of all these people who later laugh and throw things at them.

9. A few times a day humans take pictures of themselves on portable devices just to make sure that they are still all there.

cravehemmo / Via Twitter: @cravehemmo

10. Sometimes humans will close one eye if they want to start conversation. Other times they will close both eyes if they don't want to talk at all.


This is all very perplexing for beings with less than or more than two eyes.

11. Humans have a strange custom of going out of their way to make sure the animals they eat don't look like that animal.


12. What's even more bizarre is that they fashion foods that don't look like animals into animals instead.


13. Humans have peculiar methods of shaping their bodies into the odd form they seem so intent on keeping.


14. Other humans prefer to add a third eyebrow right under their noses, most likely so that they can know what eyebrows smell like.

See life from the aliens' perspective in the new social film “The Power Inside" from Intel & Toshiba.

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