11 Of The Most Amazing Celebrity Transformations

Some celebrities change their appearance so much, it’s almost like they’re a different person every day. Take a look through our rubbable gif gallery, then check out even more transformations at The Beauty Inside, the new Social Film by Intel & Toshiba featuring the Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel®.

1. Brad Pitt (“Fight Club,” “Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”)

Admittedly there was some heavy makeup work here, too, but the transformation from mythological badass to old man is pretty striking.

2. Charlize Theron (Normal, “Monster”)

Charlize Theron put on 30 pounds—not really in fat, but in overall mass—for her role in the movie “Monster.”

3. Jonah Hill (“21 Jump Street,” “Superbad”)

Mr. “Superbad” has fluctuated wildly over the years, going from portly to lean and back depending on his mood and the role. Whatever the weight, we love you, Jonah.

4. Eric Bana (Normal, “Chopper”)

Eric Bana’s transformation speaks for itself.

5. Christian Bale (“The Machinist,” “Batman Begins”)

Christian Bale dropped down to 110 pounds for his role in “The Machinist” in 2004, then packed on muscle to get close to 220 for “Batman Begins” a year later.

6. Tom Cruise (Normal, “Tropic Thunder”)

Everyone’s favorite megastar showed up in “Tropic Thunder” almost 100% unrecognizable.

7. Gary Oldman (Normal, “True Romance”)

Many people didn’t even recognize Mr. Oldman when this film came out.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Universe, Governor of California)

Even the Terminator is not immune to the ravages of time and politics.

9. Joaquin Phoenix (Normal, “I’m Still Here”)

Joaquin Phoenix made a whole persona for this documentary/mockumentary, changing from his normal clean-shaven friendly self into a bearded, unkept and unresponsive enigma.

10. Mickey Rourke (Normal, “The Wrestler”)

Mickey Rourke boxed for a while in the early ’90s, but it was still quite a transformation from his everyday appearance into his role in “The Wrestler.”

11. Tom Hardy (Normal, “Bronson”)

Before Tom Hardy was battling Batman, he was playing Charlie Bronson, the notorious British prisoner and bare-knuckle boxer.

What if you woke up in a new body, every day? That’s the premise of The Beauty Inside, the new Social Film by Intel & Toshiba featuring the Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel®.

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