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Little Things That Are Surprisingly Clever

Little things can be surprisingly clever. Intel knows this, which is why they want you to celebrate the little things that make life better.

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1. The crow that knew to ask humans for a sip of water / Via

Beats drinking out of a puddle.

2. The rubbish bin that anticipates your needs

3. This kid here

ABC / Via

Why make life harder on yourself?

4. The smart dog who will never go hungry again

5. And this cat that was smart enough to learn how the fridge works

6. This tiny, bike-riding robot

7. The monkey who knew to ask for some muscle / Via

He's using the human's hand to smash his nut open.

8. The clever, wind-powered robot

Theo Jansen / / Via

9. The bird who was better at building blocks than you'll ever be / Via

You couldn't even build the thing that was on the packet.

10. The octopus that learnt to escape a jar / Via

Sweet, sweet freedom.

11. This Rubik's cube-solving phone

12. The smart baby who couldn't quite reach its snack

13. This balloon-hating laser robot

14. The bird who learnt an amazing distraction technique

15. The mouse who knew that if you liked it, you have to put a ring on it

16. The bird that taught itself to fish / Via

It's tapping the water, just acting like it's a tiny, struggling fly… then, BLAM!

17. The cat that's too smart to drink from a bowl on the floor

18. The cat who figured out how to get the balloons down from the ceiling before you did

19. The cat that would not be fooled by magic tricks

20. The bird who knew its colours

21. The babies who knew that hanging out together was more fun

22. The kitten who could play Jenga

23. Can't work out if the dog or the robot is the clever little thing here

24. These things – almost

Want to see another little thing that makes life better? Check out Intel's How It Works video:

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