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10 TV Shows That Predicted The Future

Sometimes sci-fi predicts the future better than science. Agent Gabriel Vaughn has been enhanced with a microchip in his brain that gives him direct access to the global information grid. How long until science fiction becomes science fact? Intelligence, Monday 10/9c, only on CBS.

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6. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) — The Holodeck

Star Trek: The Next Generation also teased us with a room that holographically recreates other locations. Recent computer advances are enabling 3D holographic interfaces (similar to scenes in the movie Minority Report). A functional holodeck might not be too far off.

8. Doctor Who (1963) — Universal Language Translation

The titular Doctor has been able to have all sorts of languages instantaneously translated into English with the help of his TARDIS's translation circuit, a telepathic field that renders almost every language immediately comprehensible. In reality, we've developed an incredible selection of smartphone apps and websites that work just as well.

10. The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) — Bionic Limbs

The Six Million Dollar Man would be worth $30 million in 2013 dollars. That seems like a bargain for the ability to run as fast as a car and jump over buildings. Today, for significantly less money, doctors are now fitting patients with prosthetic limbs that respond to brainwaves.

The human mind is about to get upgraded.

With a microchip in his brain and direct access to the information grid, Gabriel Vaughn just got the upgrade of a lifetime. Don’t miss INTELLIGENCE, Monday 10/9c, only on CBS.