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18 Things Chicago Did First

Since before we all had electricity in our homes, Chicago has been the premiere stage for some of America's most important innovations. This Summer Intel will be bringing the latest in tech to the city that once hosted the World's Fair as a part of their Experience Intel Roadshow.

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3. The Hootchy Kootchy

The Hootchy Kootchy (not pictured above) is a provocative version of belly dancing that premiered at the Chicago World's Fair by a performer named "Little Egypt."

4. Electricity

Thanks to Nikola Tesla's revolutionary system for Alternating Currents, on May 1st, 1893, President Grover Cleveland was able to push a button and switch on 100,000 lights that illuminated the World's Fair in Chicago.

11. Open heart surgery

One hundred and twenty years ago, Chicago surgeon Daniel Hale Williams performed the first successful open heart surgery. His heart must have been beating so fast!

12. Zippers


When Whitcomb Judson premiered the Zipper in 1851 it didn't have such a zippy name. The best Judson could come up with was "Clasp Locker." Come on Whitcomb, you're better than that.

15. Electric dishwasher

The dishwasher was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. But it wasn't until the 1960s that Americans started trusting the strange contraptions enough to put them in their kitchens.

Speaking of innovation...

The Experience Intel roadshow June 7-9. Join Intel and explore a series of immersive, cutting-edge digital experiences and performances—by notable artists and creative thinkers—that let you both imagine and experience how an Intel-based device is different from any other.

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