17 Telltale Signs You Need A New Computer

Because nothing lasts forever, especially in the tech world. Is your computer long overdue for an upgrade? Create and submit your own #MyComputerIsSoOld meme for a chance to win an Ultrabook from Intel.

1. You use Kid Pix to touch up your photos.

2. This is your idea of a mobile device.

3. You use one of these.

4. 360p is too hd for your monitor.

5. "Under $18,000" sounds like a pretty good deal.

6. Your mouse looks like this.

9. Half a screen is enough for you.

david__jones / Via Flickr: cloudsoup

10. Your computer is in a pizza box.

11. Your copy of Counterstrike is from 1998 and it's still laggy. n00b.

12. You turn on your computer when you wake up and hope it's booted up by the time you take your shower and eat breakfast.

13. Comic Chat is where you meet all of your internet babes.

14. This is your idea of gaming.

16. 1 Gigabyte still sounds like a big number to you.

Inspired by iQ

If you qualify as any of the above, check out iQ by Intel for some much needed upgrade info.

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