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12 Dual-Use Objects You Didn't Know You Needed

Single-purpose objects are boring, because two things are always better than one. Intel iQ explores how technology can change our lives.

1. Golf Club + Drink Dispenser = A More Engaging Golfing Experience.


I think we all can appreciate a secret liquor spout.

2. Slippers + Night Light = Never Too Scared To Go To The Bathroom Again.

Even adults are scared of the dark. Let's be serious.

3. Wedding Band + An Alarm Every Anniversary = No Fighting.


This wedding ring has a built-in alarm. Zero excuses.

4. Children's Pajamas + Coding That Kids Can Scan With A Tablet To Download A Bedtime Story = Lazy Mom.


If kids want some pre-bed comfort, all they have to do is scan their PJs with a tablet. A tablet program will then open that plays a recording of a story. Kids will probably be raised by robots in the future. Nice moms and dads will soon be useless.

5. Shoes + Built-In AC = No Foot Stink.


These shoes have an air conditioner in them. No idea how these magicians fit an AC into a shoe, but who cares? We would all be a bit more accepting of our friends if their feet smelled this fresh and clean.

6. Bike Lights + Animated GIF = A Nerdy Biker's Dream.


These bike wheels display neon GIFs when they are in motion. Is anything cooler?

7. Pillow + Remote Control = Heaven.


Finally, a remote that you can fall asleep on that won't hurt your face.

8. Mug + Built-In Mixer = Chocolate Milk In Less Than Three Seconds.


All that superfluous stirring can really tire a person out.

9. Plant + Litter Box = Sneaky, Sneaky Cat.


This litter box will make your cat feel like a secret agent.

10. Prong + Spoon = Alien-Looking Utensil That Is Not Your Average Spork.


Regular sporks are for boring people.

11. Beer Koozie + Pager = You KNOW Where Your Beer Is.


Don't worry, even really smart people can never find their beer.

12. Cockroach + Remote Control = A Terrifying Remote Control Cockroach.


These cockroaches wear battery-controlled backpacks that send electrical pulses down their antennae to control their movements. AH! Robot bugs!

Intel's Laptop + Tablet = Everything You Need In One Object.

Sony Vaio Duo Ultrabook / Via

The new Ultrabook 2-in-1 offers you the full mobility of a tablet with the power of a laptop. It is the best of both worlds. This is the 21st century. Join in.