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13 Reasons We Basically Already Live In The Future

Forget the flying cars. The HP Sprout and RealSense camera allow you to scan 3D objects now. See one for yourself at the Intel Experience in select Best Buy stores.

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1. There are giant laser-projected stop signs in the world.

Ten News / Via

Come on, that’s like Blade Runner-type stuff right there.

2. You can buy hydrophobic clothing that works no matter how many times you wash it.

Ultra-Ever Dry / / Via

Why. Am. I. So. Clumsy?

3. The world's first underground park could open in New York City as soon as 2018.

Dubbed the Lowline, the park would channel "sunlight along fiber-optic cables."
Mike (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: mlcastle

Dubbed the Lowline, the park would channel "sunlight along fiber-optic cables."

4. It's now possible to extinguish fires with sound waves.

George Mason University (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

Sadly, music doesn't work as well "because it doesn't stay consistent."

5. These shapeshifting doors exist: / Via

Klemens Torggler started the project in 1997, and has since made five variations.

6. Spray-on fabric offers custom-tailored clothing. / / Via

“I like your shirt.”

“Thanks, I sprayed it myself.”

7. Reverse microwaves can chill wine bottles and soft drinks in 45 seconds.


That old wet-paper-towel-in-the-freezer trick will be a thing of the past!

8. This RC car transforms into a robot — all by itself. / / Via

With a 5-second transformation time, it's definitely more than meets the eye.

9. Bionic eyes have restored partial sight to the blind. / Via

Larry Hester is only the seventh American to use the device made by Second Sight.

10. These bionic boots allow humans to run up to 25 mph.

Keahi Seymour / / Via

That's considered speeding on smaller roads.

11. Autonomous robots can pick up our dirty clothes.

FZIchannel (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

We can’t think of any repercussions from making robots our personal maids. None.

12. A Burrito Bomber can theoretically deliver your lunch in a parachute.

Chocolate Copter / / Via

Best part: The code and models are open source, so you can create your own here!

13. Japan's levitating train carried its first passengers at 311 mph.

David Gifford / / Via

FYI: Maglev stands for magnetic levitation, not magic.

The future is now. Scan 3D objects into 3D files with the HP Sprout and RealSense camera — available at the Intel Experience in participating Best Buy stores.