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We Asked Our Parents To Guess What These Gaming Terms Mean

And boy did they guess.

Parent responses:

"Cranking up the RAM"

"Time out"

"Running out of time"

"Taking too much time to make a move"

(Actual meaning: Bypassing the factory settings of a computer to improve its performance)

Parent responses:

"Good Luck High Five"

"Good Lord, He's Fine"

"Game Leader High Five"

"Guiding Light and High Flyer"

"Go Last Hold Fast"

(Actual meaning: Good Luck, Have Fun)

Parent responses:

"Bad gaming"

"Opposite of spanking"


"Greatest animal killing"

"Illegal scoring"

(Actual meaning: When two or more players team up against an individual player.)

Parent responses:

"A short way to swear at your opponent"

"Always Freaky King"

"Artist Famous Kissable"

"All For Kicks"

(Actual meaning: Away From Keyboard)

Parent responses:

"Point of view Playing"

"People are very Pleased"

"Pavlov's Poodle"

"Past victory Person"

"Player versus Player"

(Actual meaning: Player versus player, as opposed to computer-controlled opponents guided by artificial intelligence)

Parent responses:

"People are very Excited"

"Play volume Excessively"

"Past vengeance Everlasting"

"Point of view Experience"

(Actual meaning: Player versus Environment; the opposite of PvP)

Parent responses:

"Multiple Mode Operating system"

"Multiple Memory Operation"

"Mad Mom On scene"

"Make the Most Of it"

(Actual meaning: Massively Multiplayer Online game)

Parent responses:

"Operation Perfect"

"Operating Principle"


"Open Platform"


(Actual meaning: Overpowered)

Parent responses:

"Refers to the player's driving ability"

"Department of Public Safety"

"Daily Price of Sinning"

"Double Point Score"

(Actual meaning: Damage Per Second)

Parent responses:

“Cut the Frame”

“Call to First”

“Clean the Fish”

“Count to Five”

(Actual meaning: Capture the Flag)

Parent responses:


“Trying for a higher level”

“Killing opponent”

“Two people playing at the same level”


(Actual meaning: The development that a character experiences while progressing through a game)

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