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13 Reasons Why Computers Are Better Friends Than Actual Friends

PC = BFF. With Intel's True Key technology, you can forget passwords and log in with your face — because your computer will recognize you, unlike some people.

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1. You can make your computer shut up, unlike your friends.

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It also opens up though.

2. It saves thousands of byte-sized cookies for you.

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First- and third-parties go all night.

3. It shares your sleep schedule.

videotutorials4us (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

(Read: It doesn't sleep.)

4. You can push its buttons...

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The keys to a successful friendship.

5. ...and it never loses control.

Our ideal type.
Renato Targa (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: rtarga

Our ideal type.

6. When you tell your computer to take out the trash, it actually does it.


Even better, it recycles.

7. Its hookups are usually well-advised.

EVSC ICATS (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

No missed connections here.

8. It knows your history...

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The cache-only sidebar where everybody knows your name.

9. ...and has seen your worst selfies.


Nothing a few filters wouldn't fix.

10. Your computer actually listens to what you have to say...

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Like, "food near me right now."

11. ...and accepts commands without hesitation.

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del c:\thatlastselfie.jpg

12. Inside, it's one of your most loyal fans.

mrstanlez (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

And oldest, probably.

13. And at the end of the day, you know it's something you can count on.

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Forget passwords. With Intel's True Key technology, you can log in simply because your computer recognizes your face — unlike some people.