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10 Innovations In Tech That Are Making The World A Better Place

3D-printable prosthetics and irrigation robots? Welcome to the future. Check out all of the other incredible projects Intel is doing here.

1. 3D Cameras for the Visually Impaired

A backpack with a 3D camera hopes to allow the blind and visually impaired to gain a better awareness of their surroundings by alerting users to changes in their environment with non-invasive vibrations.

2. Helmet Sensors That Measure Head Injuries

Sensor technology embedded in football helmets can be used to analyze impact data and gauge the severity of head injuries. These sensors can flag hazardous hits in real time to allow players to be treated quickly.

3. Communication Programs That Rely on Blinking

Steven Hawking communicates by using a program that scans a cursor over a keyboard on which he then selects keys and commands by blinking. Once this system is perfected, it'll be released to the public for those suffering from similar diseases.

4. Idle Laptop Processing Power to Help Fight Cancer

Progress Thru Process allows you to lend a percentage of your laptop's idle processing power to organizations that can use it to solve complex calculations devoted to HIV/AIDS, cancer, and influenza research.

5. Supercomputers That Help Prepare for Earthquakes

Scientists study earthquakes to learn how to prepare for the next disastrous quake. With the help of a supercomputer, scientists can mimic seismic movements, which helps inform architects how to design buildings that can survive devastating earthquakes.

6. Clips That Prevent Infants From Being Left in Cars

Every year in the United States, dozens of children die from heatstroke from being left in the car. This Smart Clip is attached to the baby's clothing and sends an alert to the parent's smartphones when they fall out of range from the clip.

7. Smart Helmets That Could Save Cyclists' Lives

These smart helmets initiate an emergency call to a predetermined emergency contact upon the impact of an accident. The helmet also stores crash data in effort to assess if medical attention is needed.

8. Robots That Could Prevent Droughts

A high school in California developed a small-scale project using irrigation robots that monitor crops with moisture sensors and data collection. The larger-scale implications could help farmers save their crops during droughts.

9. Air Pollution Sensors That Measure Toxicity

Air pollution sensors are helping community members in Portland, Oregon fight high air pollution levels. Their efforts have sparked agreements with local factories to cut emissions in the area.

10. 3D-Printed Prosthetics in Sudan

A 14-year-old boy from Sudan named Daniel lost both of his hands to aerial bombing. Not Impossible Labs developed a way to create low-cost 3D limbs on demand which could help up to 50,000 other amputees within Sudan.

Check out the other incredible projects Intel is doing here.

All images courtesy of Intel.