13 Best Pop-Culture Mash-Ups Of 2013

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1. Elysium + WALL-E = Wall-ysium

Kimberley French / ©Sony Pictures Entertainment

©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


2. Star Trek + Archer = Starcher Trek

Zade Rosenthal / ©Paramount Pictures



3. Chris Farley + Rob Ford = Rob Ford the Movie

© Paramount Pictures

Getty / Keith Beaty


4. Iron Man + Star Wars = Iron Fett

©Columbia Pictures

©Copyright Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation


5. Doctor Who + Sherlock = Wholock

Adrian Rogers / ©BBC



6. Thor + Arrested Development = Thorested Development

Jay Maidment / ©Walt Disney Studios

Michael Yarish / © Netflix


7. Pacific Rim + Power Rangers = Pacific Rangers

©Warner Bros.

© Saban Entertainment


8. The Hunger Games + Mean Girls = Mean Girls of Panem

Murray Close / ©Lionsgate



9. Game of Thrones + Star Wars = Game of Wars

Helen Sloan / © HBO

20th Century-Fox Film Corporation


10. The Wolverine + Monsters, Inc. = X-Monsters

©Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

© Walt Disney


11. Breaking Bad + The Walking Dead = Breaking Dead… or The Walking Bad

Lewis Jacobs / © AMC

Gene Page / ©AMC


12. Orange Is the New Black + Scandal = Scandal Is the New Orange, Which Happens to Be the New Black

Jessica Miglio / ©Netflix

Getty / Danny Feld


13. Good Will Hunting + Ben Affleck’s Batman = Good Will Batman

© Miramax

Scott Garfield / ©copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


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