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  • Coolest Geological Forms Across The Globe

    Mother Nature does some truly incredible things with the natural world around us! Whether your travels take you to Argentina, China or simply to our very own Northern Territory, here are 8 geological wonders that will have you marveling:

  • The World’s Weirdest Hamburger Fillings

    Love the idea of sinking your teeth into a juicy burger? Down under, we’re used to filling our buns with everything from beef patties and chicken schnitzels to cheesy slices, pineapple and of course, beetroot – but would you eat a burger that’s packed with these weird and crazy fillings?

  • Real Life Movie Sets You Can Actually Visit

    Whether you’re a movie buff or just an attraction-driven traveller, these movie sets have been salvaged from the backlot and turned into popular tourist destinations! Which one’s going to be at the top of your holiday list?

  • Adorable But Super Ugly Animals

    Let’s face it: Some animals were created to be super cute and others Mother Nature hit with the ugly stick. But what happens when cute and ugly merge together? Below, we look at 8 of the world’s weirdest creatures who are just so uniquely ugly that they’re actually considered adorable!

  • The Best Rooftop Bars On Earth

    Enjoying a drink high above the Earth’s more lowly places is exactly why Rooftop Bars were created! With decadent outdoor settings and incredible city views, these rooftop destinations around the world are indeed at their “peak.”

  • 8 Crazy But Super Cool Tree Houses

    Living in the tree tops may be the norm for a monkey, a possum or even a leopard, but what about a human being? Watch as your childhood dreams come to life with these amazing tree houses from around the world!

  • 7 Silly Sports Actually Played Around The World

    You might think sports like lacrosse, synchronised swimming and even curling are all a little silly – but they’re nothing compared to wife carrying and extreme ironing! Here are some of the silliest sports that actually get taken seriously around the world:

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