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    7 Useless Inventions With Good Intentions

    Check out these 7 useless DIY inventions made with good intentions in mind. From a light that is only on when your eyes are open, to a shoe to hide bare feet, you can always count on people to make unnecessary things.

    1. The Energy-Saving Light / Via

    The Energy-Saving Light is a device that turns off the lights when your eyes are shut. While it is an interesting concept, the fact that you have to connect the device to your face with medical electrodes makes it slightly impractical for day-to-day use.

    2. Fnork 2.0 / Via

    The Fnork 2.0 allows you to hold, cut, and stab your food with one convenient device. While there is some legitimate use for it, if you perhaps lost your arm in combat or an extreme sports accident, the form factor of this device leads us to believe it is not going to catch on any time soon for general use. Unless, of course, you need to eat a steak that has been nailed to the roof (as the inventor suggests).

    3. Coin Slot Detector / Via

    The Coin Slot Detector lets you know if your "coin slot" is showing. This may be a more efficient alert system than waiting for a cool breeze or a crowd of gawking men, but it ultimately does more to draw attention to the problem. Considering the form-factor, and the fact this problem can be resolved by wearing pants that fit or - dare we say - underwear, we are calling useless on this one.

    4. Barefoot Incognito: Hyper-Minimalist Shoe Conversion / Via

    Are you tired of getting weird looks when you walk around barefoot? Then make a pair of modified sneakers to walk around Barefoot Incognito. We are sure this is solving a problem for someone, but we are not quite sure who.

    5. Sigh Collector / Via

    The Sigh Collector records and measures sighs. You can then use this information to analyze your rate of sighing in different environments. This is supposed to have some sort of behavioral therapy benefit... we think. Regardless, it is a bit of an awkward device to carry around to monitor one's malaise. We foresee this device inspiring even more sighing.

    6. Urban Prospecting Detector / Via

    Do you live in a major metropolitan area and wonder if you can strike it rich by finding oil in the ground? If you are part of that exclusive 1%, then the Urban Prospecting Detector is the place to start. If, however, you have no intention of striking it rich drilling for oil in your backyard, this probably is not going to be particularly useful.

    7. USA - USB: American Flag USB Memorial / Via

    If you wish your computer could be slightly more patriotic, then the USA - USB American Flag USB Memorial is for you! However, if you don't feel the need to display your patriotism while browsing online porn, then perhaps it is not for you. In fact, we kind of suspect it is not for most people.

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