10 Skills That Will Help You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

We live in an unpredictable world. These ten Instructables will help you stay one step ahead of the undead.

1. The Citizen’s Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse

The most valuable thing in any kind of apocalyptic scenario is a clear plan. The Citizen’s Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse is an extremely in depth article containing maps, packing lists, evacuation strategies, and plans for rebuilding civilization.

2. Net Gun

This Net Gun is capable of launching a 90sq ft net 15 to 25ft. If you’re lucky, that will probably catch about eight full sized zombies.

3. Fake Brain

You’re going to want to have a lot of decoy brain material around to distract and confuse the zombies. Learn How to Make a Fake Brain using materials you could easily loot from your local grocery store.

4. Zombie Makeup

Zombies will not eat you if they think you are one of them. If you’re traveling during the day, you will want to wear some believable Zombie Makeup.

5. Expedient Weaponry: The Javelin

In case the zombie apocalypse catches you off guard, this guide will show you how to quickly craft a Javelin from some old gardening tools and a broomstick.

6. Zombie Survival Kit

Every family should have a prepacked Zombie Survival Kit stored in a large, watertight container somewhere in their house. Be sure to go through it each year to make sure none of the items have passed their expiration date.

7. Single Sheet Plywood Boat

Everyone knows that zombies can’t swim. In case you don’t already have a boat, learn how to make a simple Single Sheet Plywood Boat and row yourself to safety.

8. Zombie Defense Table

This Zombie Defense Table is the perfect blend of form and function. It is the only side table in the world that breaks apart into a bat and shield, perfect for fending off any zombie home invaders.

9. Quick DIY Gas Mask

The source of the zombie outbreak may be an airborne contagion; it’s a good idea to protect yourself with this DIY Gas Mask. Remember to always secure your own mask before assisting others.

10. Shotgun

This Shotgun with attached survival knife also doubles as a flare gun and has three storage areas for extra ammo and other survival tools. It is the cutting edge of anti-zombie technology.

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