10 DIY Projects That Will Take You To Space

Bring out your inner astronaut with these ten space themed instructables.

1. Astrophotography Guide

Put that DSLR to good use! This Astrophotography Guide will show you how to image the stars and milky way using only your camera and a tripod.

2. Star Map

This stunning Star Map uses optical fibers to bring a bit of the night sky into your home.

3. Space Probe

Sick of NASA’s budget cuts? Then start your own space program! Observe and measure Earth’s upper atmosphere with this DIY Space Probe.

4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Inspired Alien Communication Device

Talk to all types of alien life with this universal Alien Communicator. Please tell them we come in peace!

5. Constellation Lampshade

This simple and elegant Constellation Lampshade is sure to set the mood in any room.

6. How To Find Polaris (North Star)

Still don’t have a smart phone? Learn how to Find Polaris so you can use the sky as a GPS.

7. Galaxy Playdough

Space is for people of all ages, have some fun with this glittery homemade Galaxy Playdough!

8. 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope

Build your own backyard observatory with this awesome 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope.

9. Rover

Explore and document the terrain of planets, moons, and even your own backyard with this Rover.

10. How to Spot the International Space Station

Learn how to spot the international space station or just look for space garbage with this Space Station and Satellite Guide.

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