10 DIY Projects That Will Get You Arrested By Airport Security

Instructables members are using digital tools to turn their ideas into reality in our Make it Real Challenge, but we hope they are using good judgement when venturing out into the real world with some of these creations….

1. Uber-Light 1000

The Uber-Light 1000 is a high power LED flashlight that also happens to look like a small missile.

2. 3D Printed Derringer Pistol Replica

This 3D Printed Derringer Pistol won’t set off the metal detector, though it might cause some panic during the mandatory pat down.

3. Titanium Snow Saw

We think this particularly vicious looking Titanium Snow Saw probably doesn’t meet the 4 inches or less airport regulation.

4. Arduino Robotic Hand with Haptic Feedback

Give TSA agents a reason to not look at your junk by wearing this Robotic Hand into the body scanner.

5. TF2 Rocket Launcher

This ominous TF2 Rocket Launcher is sure to get noticed well before you reach your gate.

6. Arduino RFID Reader

Carrying around a homemade RFID Reader might cast some suspicion over the legitimacy of your passport.

7. Skyrim Iron Helmet

Technically, the TSA does not have any rules about helmets, be sure to remind them of this when you stroll in wearing a Skyrim Iron Helmet.

8. Wireless Nunchuk Controlled Animatronic Doll

Not sure which will get you stopped first with this one: the nunchuks, the wireless communication system, the handmade electronics, or the fact that you are attempting to bring an animatronic doll on vacation with you. Whatever the reason, we think it’s best to have your Wireless Nunchuk Controlled Animatronic Doll watch the house while you’re gone.


At least you might be able to make a quick getaway in these Werewolf Stilts.

10. AR-15 Quad Rail and Back up Sights

And please be very careful when flying with your custom AR-15 accessories!

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