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Herbal Or Natural Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Now a days Erectile dysfunction has become a major problem among every 9 men out of 10. So it become essential for men to get rid off from this situation.

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Erectile dysfunction is a situation in which men are not able to attain erection during sexual stimulation. It is observed that this problem usually affects older men but, nowadays young age people are also getting affected from it. But as compare to past now this problem can be easily treated with the help of generic medication. But all these medication are not for those patients who are suffering heart problems.

Ed belongs to tow main causes one is psychological and another is physical factor.

Psychological issue: stress, lack of sex desire, and fear of poor performance in bed.This can be easily treated with the help of proper exercise and meditation, but before performing this, you should take a prior prescription for your psychotherapist.

Physical issue: diabetes, hyper tension, heart problem etc. may contribute to erectile dysfunction problem and in such case you can treat your problem of ED by having use of some home remedies like:

1. Intake ofwater soluble fiber rich food will help to have proper blood circulation in body which will help to destroy the PDE5 enzymes which contributes erectile dysfunction problem.

2. Consumption of mixture walnuts and honey three times in a day after having meal will help to treat erectile dysfunction within one month. It is one of best home remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

3. Ashwagandha is an herbal which helps men to increase power, energy and sexual health. Thus it will also help to boost and treat the problem of sexual health.

4. Deficiency of vitamin A may also lead to erectile dysfunction. Thus increase consumption of food which is rich in vitamin A.

5. Zinc is also one of the valuable mineral which will help to improve the sexual desire and ability power.

So try these homes remedies if you are suffering from Ed and you are heart patient.

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