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    Nov 17, 2018

    Top 11 Street Style Outfit Ideas Created By An Indian-American

    It's safe to say that Malvika Sheth has quickly proven herself to be a supermodel-in-the-making. Its' not that hard to find Indians doing fashion stuff in America but its really hard to find young Indian-Americans whom are creating innovative style themes for the community. Malvika's street style game has won her major points in our Insta fashion look-book. From formal to casual; she has all the looks to inspire other with glam. Lets' have a look at of our favorite in her Instagram wardrobe.

    1. The Manhattan Look

    2. Long overcoat Style

    3. The All Black

    4. The wow wear!

    5. Indian Style

    6. Wallstreet Theme

    7. Winter Glam

    8. Getting Casual in Massachusetts

    9. Green World

    10. Boss Lady Look

    11. Boston Board

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