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The 10 Commandments Of #instacurity

Instacurity (n.): An excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likeability. Do you suffer from the symptoms of #instacurity? Are you a firm believer in the #hashtag, the #selfie, and that "likes" on the Internet are more important than being liked in real life? If you're instacure and proud, this article is for you.

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1. Thou Shall "Remove, Refilter, Repost" Any Instagrams That Receive Less Than 3 Likes in the First Hour

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2. Thou Shalt Not Post a Status Past 11pm on Saturday

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3. Thou Shalt Not Block Haters (For that will Reduce Thy Twitter Follower Count)

4. Thou Shalt Not Eat A Meal Without Taking A Photo First

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5. Thou Shall Comment on Thy Old Statuses or Photos to Return them to the Top of Thy Friends’ Newsfeeds

6. Thou Shall Pick Thy Social Outings Based on What Provides Thee with the Likeworthyest Status Updates and Instagram Pics

7. Thou Shall Always Filter Thyself to Look as Good as Technologically Possible

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8. Thou Shall Never Check-in at Undesirable Locations

9. Thou Shall Stay Up-To-Date on Current Events so as to Create Retweet-Worthy Tweets

10. And, Most Importantly, Thou Shall Always Think Before Thou Tweet

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