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Which Game Day Snack Would Win The Championship In Snack Playoffs?

While sports commentators make their Big Game picks, Instacart is inviting you to make your own...only for snacks! Visit their Game Day Snacks Hub within the Instacart app to access daily deals and redeem up to 95% off your favorite products.

Snack fact: Tostitos Scoops are the MVP according to Instacart's annual Snacktime Report, growing 60% week over week leading up to the Big Game, and are Instacart’s #1 selling chip during that time.

Snack fact: Sorry, boneless chicken wing fans, but according to Instacart's Snacktime Report, 65% of those who plan to watch the Big Game strongly or somewhat agree that boneless chicken wings are just glorified chicken nuggets.

Snack fact: Salsa (64%), queso (50%), and guacamole (47%) top the list for favorite dips or sauces to eat during the Big Game, according to Instacart's Snacktime Report.

Snack fact: The top three alcohol categories for Big Game watchers according to the Instacart Snacktime Report are:

1) Light Lager

2) Mexican-Style Lager

3) Hard Seltzers

All images provided by Getty Images. All facts and statistics provided by Instacart.

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