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For Vicki

this piece is for my friend's mom

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To the amazing woman I never knew or met but I will never forget

To the amazing woman who I never really knew or met but I will never forget-

I had met your 3 sons years ago now. They were playing a gig, the rest is history, as they say. On a whim, I had friend requested you on Facebook not knowing what to expect but you added me! Did we talk much? No but I didn't have to to see the kind of person you were; a badass woman with so many qualities that I admire more than you will ever know. I know I am not alone when I say this; you are so special to so many for being you and for being in this world ,sharing your love and life with those who knew you and those who really didn't.

I am forever grateful for that gift.


A woman who will never forget you❤

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