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Dear Deaf /hard Of Hearing Community

this piece is about the deaf /hard of hearing community coming together with the people who are hearing and learning from one another and understanding each other and creating more diversity in today's world

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I Get it; I do. You're excited you or someone you love is hearing for the first time ever and you want to capture the moment and share it. Think about this for a second, how refreshing would it be for a young deaf or hard of hearing person to see someone like them learning American Sign Language aka ASL for the very first time because not everyone wants or finds a need for a cochlear implant. I think there needs to be more of that and more understanding of this community from everyone. See, I know a little about this community. My friend from high school has two deaf parents and had to learn ASL at a very young age in order to communicate with her parents. I can't get over how fast she can sign. She now is a teacher at a school for deaf and hard of hearing students. I think there needs to be some more diversity in the world we live in today and where deaf/hard of hearing people and hearing people can learn from each other and see other things from both worlds; to create more diversity in our communities.


Woman learning things from a new perspective

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