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The Internet is home to many niches, ideologies and things too explicit to write on here. However, today you’ll see my top videos around the net. ENJOY!

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3. Brony Serenades Ponies (ColdPlay)

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So many of you may remember My Little Pony as a light adventure cartoon as a child. However, with it’s reboot, many adult males have become its most vocal fans. Watch the video to hear him serenade the cast to Cold Play’s ”Paradise.”

2. Guy Takes Sex Doll on Date

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Infamous YouTube star Chris Chan, creator of “Sonichu” a Sonic and Pikachu fusion, is known for many quirky activities on the web. Even gaining spotlight from PewDiePie. Watch the video to see him take his sex doll on a date... In public... At a Park...

1. Toe h0e - Amy Snowden

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Just when you thought you’ve heard and seen of everything, Amy Snowden shocks us again with Toe Hoe. Apparently this is a new trend of women performing “foot shows” in the underbelly scene of Los Angeles. Amy describes her experience in the music video.

There you have it. 3 Absurdly funny videos that make you wonder... “How was I not aware of these trends?”

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