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Top Ten Tips For Better Sex

Top Ten ways to improve your sex life

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1.Tell it how it is

Don’t wait for your partner to ask you what you enjoy, and what feels good. If your partner thinks they are doing just fine, but you think they are more of an A than A+, it can be difficult to broach the subject. Avoiding the topic will not make hem turn into a sex god or goddess. it’s important to be vocal about likes and dislikes, otherwise the sex will not improve!

2. Fantasy Time

We have all got at least one fantasy. Whether you want to play doctors and nurses, or something a little more extreme, it’s time to get it out there into the open.One of the biggest factors in a great sex life is being comfortable and at ease with your partner. Talking about your Fantasies can really test the level of comfort, but can add real appeal to your sex life.

3. Make time for Play

Role play is a great way to push the boundaries of your sex life. You can try new things, say what you wan ( within reason). It’s all a great way to explore your dress up box. if your not into role play try a blindfold.

The most important sexual organ we have is our brain. When one sense is hindered, our other senses are enhanced. Use feathers, your tongue or anything else that comes to mind, to make the experience a sensory delight.

5. Dirty Caller

Dirty talk isn’t all about that dirty phone call. If you can get past the embarrassment it a great tool face to face. Dirty talk can turn your partner on even more when it’s said in person.

6 Ban The bed

Try alternatives to the bed. Try the couch. Try the stairs. or washing machine. Or why not venture outside Just make sure these aren’t communal places and that no one’s home, or if you have a shed or garage these can be a great alternative to getting caught, and can add something to #3, why not dress up as a mechanic, or dirty gardener?

7. Forget the popcorn

Watching porn is not just a solo sport. Not only can it provide some ideas, porn is great for foreplay and will help get you both in the mood for sex. It also allows you to talk about whats in the movie, possibly opening up new things to try.

8. Keep it Real

Don’t have unrealistic expectations for sex. If the sex is not up to scratch, remember it takes two, try #1 and keep practicing, it’s still fun,

9. Know Yourself

How do you expect anyone else to know what works for you if even you don’t know what works for you? If you can’t have a great orgasm alone, then your partners got no chance of finding that little pot of gold, spend some time finding your way over your own rainbow, to make sure you can give good direction.

10. Food of love

“If music be the food of love play on”, there’s nothing like a great track playing whilst you get into it, Music can really help the atmosphere, but make sure you get bit right, not everyone’s a Barry White fan.

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