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How To Have Orgasmic Oral Sex

Top 5 tricks to trouble free oral sex

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How to have orgasmic oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most intimate acts you can give, or receive from, your partner. Giving Oral sex can be full of pitfalls.

Our Top five Tips For having better oral sex.

1. Relax

Feeling anxious or self conscious when Having oral sex means you aren’t likely to enjoy it as much. So long as you’re clean, Being intimate and enjoying oral sex is nothing to be ashamed of and oral sex is a perfectly normal and healthy part of sex.

If you find it hard to switch off, close your eyes or use a blindfold, this will make it easier for you to relax and enjoy the sensations!

2. Hygiene

Fears about smell and taste are what worries people most when it comes to having oral sex. Before performing oral sex if your self conscious , it’s best to take a bath or shower, and why not make it part of the play. Sex in the shower or bath can be great fun. You will both feel much more relaxed and will enjoy it more.

3. You are what you eat

Eating certain foods, or drinking strong liquids can really affect your body, and how everything tastes. If you know your likely to be having sex, it’s best to avoid anything processed, smoking, caffeine etc, in fact we have put together a quick what’s good, and what should be avoided list below to help!

There is debate around how much your diet effects sexual fluids but there seems to be some consistent advice. It’s always worth experimenting with your partner where this is concerned as everybody will be different.

Things that make you taste better

Drinking your 2 litres of water a day

Pineapple, cranberries and sugary fruit





Thing that make you taste worse

Cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus




Processed foods and ready meals

Strong spicy food

Ejaculation will help your semen taste better. Both the testicles and prostate accumulate fluids, so ejaculate regularly to avoid issues.

4. Lubricants

Flavoured lubricants can also really spice things up and keep everything moist and tasting great.Applying your flavoured lube during early foreplay is a great way to make oral sex taste without offending your partner. Apply some to your fingers, or apply it directly.

5. Feedback

Oral sex is a very personal thing, and what people like when it comes to oral can differ vastly, So take the time to ask, get feedback and listen. This is the best way to learn what really works for your partner.

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