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Beginners Guide To Spanking

Spank, paddle or whip? learn more about the art of spanking

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Want to explore your spanking desires

Here we will cover basic techniques for beginners, to get you started with spanking.

First of all less is more

Warming up is essential, if you go straight in too hard it's game over.start with less force and build up. This will allow the bottom to be gradually warmed, and for your partner to get used to the sting. Once your warmed up, repeat the process remembering it’s all about the quantity, and not how hard you can deliver the spanking. This approach can be enhanced with spanking tools like a paddle or feather ticker.

Spanking Areas

Some areas of the bottom are more sensitive, so try different areas to discover which parts of your lovers bottom are most sensitive. usually the lower buttocks are more sensitive on most . So go lightly with those areas that are more sensitive, and always listen to feedback from your partner,

Know when to stop

When using your hands to spank, you automatically know when it becomes painful, if it's hurting your hand, then it's certainly going to hurt the bottom.If this happens , caress the area if the pain is too intense, before you begin again.

Cover up

Spanking the bare bottom can be too intense for some, or if your just starting, you may need to build up some tolerance to the feeling. It’s okay to start out wearing something on your bottom, until you feel comfortable with your tolerance for spanking.

Using equipment

When it comes to spanking, there are plenty toys to add to your collection, and increase thrill of spanking. Paddles, whips, feather ticklers and so much more are available to enrich the experience of spanking. it's best to start with something softer such as a paddle or tickler and build up to the leather whips etc.

Position carefully

There are many positions you can adopt for spanking purposes, and you'll find some more enjoyable than others, here a few classic and great starter positions to get you going.

Sapnking Positions

Some of the most popular positions for you beginner’s to consider are as follows:

- Bent over a chair or table

- Bending your lover over your knees

- On the bed, laying face down

- Kneeling by the bed

- On all fours

- Standing bent over

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