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13 Reasons Shaq Is Your Spirit Animal

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1. Because his mac 'n' cheese game is TIGHT.

2. Because he's chilled with Michelle Obama, and that's your dream.

The Washington Post / Via

3. Because DJ Diesel is what's up.

4. Because Shaq can hold the Boz like he's not actually a 248-pound man.

5. Because he wore this panda hat well, which is hard to do:

ChinaFotoPress / Via

6. Because Shaq named this dog Shaq Diesel:

7. Because he spent time with this naughty panda:

STR / Via

9. Because Shaq's spirit animal is a pug.

10. Because he dunks better than you breathe.

Boston Globe / Via

11. Because he wears leather vests while riding cool motorcycles.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Via

12. Because he got slimed, which is literally the best thing that can happen to a person.

Time & Life Pictures / Via

13. And because he's the only man who is actually allowed to wear a fedora.

Mark Sullivan / Via

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