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Are You An Augustan Gentleman Or A Byronic Hero

Are you the dark, brooding type, or the proper, logical type?

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  1. How did you spend most of your childhood?

    Feeling lonely
    Getting in trouble
    Reading books
    Hanging out with my friends
    Playing games
  2. You see a new person at school. What do you do?

    Stare at them from across the room until they come and say hi
    Talk to your friends about the new person
    Analyze their every move
    Say hello!
    Don't talk to them. They probably wouldn't like you anyways.
  3. How often do you get in trouble?

    Never! Rules are there for a reason!
    I have a reputation to uphold, so not very often. Otherwise, I'm all for some mischief.
    I used to get in trouble a lot, but I'm better now.
    I'm quite the scoundrel.
    I try to be good.
  4. What's your favorite subject?

  5. What's your favourite kind of project?

    Video assignment
    Informative presentation
    Creative writing
  6. Choose a garden:

  7. You're thinking of buying a new house. What's your first consideration?

    Is the neighborhood nice?
    Is the price reasonable?
    Is the layout convenient?
    What does it look like?
    I dunno, does it have a door, I guess?
  8. Is the glass half full or half empty?

    Half full
    Half empty
    It's actually completely full, half with water, half with air.
    This question is so cliche.
    Doesn't matter, I can always add more.
  9. With which fictional character do you identify most?

    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes
    Han Solo
    Han Solo
  10. Choose a place to enjoy for a weekend:

    Somewhere posh, with parties
    Somewhere posh, with parties
    I like to relax at home
    I like to relax at home
    Somewhere far away, I hope.
    Somewhere far away, I hope.
  11. What does the opposite sex tend to find most attractive about you?

    I'll be honest, it's my looks.
    My biting sense of humour.
    My good social graces and charisma.
    My sensitivity and romantic charm.
    My intelligence.
    My mysteriously seductive manner.
  12. When it comes to politics, are you more concerned about...

    Individual rights
    The 'big picture'
  13. How do you like your literature?

    Full of social commentary
  14. Finally, you behold a rainbow in the sky. Does your heart leap up?

    You bet it does!
    Wow, double rainbow all the way!
    Not really.

Are You An Augustan Gentleman Or A Byronic Hero

You got: Byronic Hero

You are cunning, mysterious, and dark. You may have a bit of a tragic past, maybe even a little bit of a criminal record. Either way, you don't conform to society's norms, and you are a born cynic. In short, you're a bad boy/girl, but in a cool, attractive way.

Byronic Hero
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You got: Augustan Gentleman

You know what's going on, and you like it that way. There's a way things are supposed to work, and you make your decisions with precise logic, careful not to let emotions cloud your judgment. Also, you know who you should and shouldn't be associating with, and are very careful to keep that straight.

Augustan Gentleman
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You got: Humble Tradesperson

You are neither Byronic nor Augustan. You are, however, down to earth and friendly, something neither group can really say.

Humble Tradesperson
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